Finding the Right Person

Finding the Right Person

We all have that dream of getting settled with “the one” who will fill our lives with nothing but joy, don’t we? The perfect person ensures that our life is smooth sailing even in the most hostile of circumstances. If you have not found the right partner for yourself yet, read along:

  • Though we think love and attraction are the primary criteria in order to make a successful partnership, research studies have shown otherwise. The majority of couples who are happily married to each other have sustained their relationship on the grounds of the personality traits that their partners possess, however some get real love from just one night affairs, such as booking a local escort companion – however this is not always ideal when wanting to make your partnership last. The quality of being agreeable as well as emotionally stable has been responsible for marital as well as conjugal satisfaction.
  • People tend to emphasize on the positive traits of the prospective partner so much that they overlook their bad traits. They may have very positive personality attributes but at the same time, they may wear a different mask in another facet of life, this is why  when seeing a paid professional escort has it’s advantages. Determining both the good as well as bad qualities and striking a harmony between the two will only enable you to find the right partner.


  • Often, it is seen that a person who is arrogant will tend to defend himself or herself after an argument. A humble person will, on the other hand, acknowledge the right that you have to leave or make your own decision and will not intervene with it.
  • People who are arrogant, exploitative in nature and have deceptive traits in their personality should definitely not be taken as partners. Humility, sincerity, mutual respect, as well as total transparency, are the key factors which make a relationship work.

There are numerous dating sites that are available online, so go ahead. Just keep these points in mind and we are sure that you will find the right person!

Finding Time To Write

Finding Time To Write

Finding Time To Write!

If you would like to block some time for writing from your hectic schedule, you might write useful sentences. In some cases, you might want to write without any plan but being driven by the inner urge. If you are very much influenced by a certain incident, you should take time off from regular activities (if possible) and should prepare few hint lines so that it can be framed into a complete story when you find a perfect time. Thus, you will be able to produce some of the best writing collection through unplanned writing.

Planned writing

If you take off from the regular chores of the life and head for holidaying with your spouse, you can have a pen and pad readily available with you so that the pen will flow whenever you feel to write. The ideas that you get into your mind should be put into practice immediately so that you will be able to present quality content without any issues.

I take credit, from this post, it was originally shared by an escort working for Cambridge incall companions. I would like to atleast share her work.

If you are planning to write a novel, you should have the complete freedom to spend unlimited number of hours. A master piece cannot be presented all of a sudden. If you write consistently over a period of time, you will become master of words and reflector of thoughts and expert of readers needs. When you write about a character, you should feel it. In order to grasp the complete character, you should have access to quiet time which can be the early morning hours or late night hours.

If you can manage to get your fresh mind, never ending ideas and thoughts will flow.  However, you should write on a consistent basis so that there will be improvement in your writing skills.

Delivery of a project

If you have signed up for a writing project, you should prepare a plan so that it can be implemented in a very efficient way. In order to get into right mood, you should overcome stretches of loneliness, fear of criticism, rejection and frustration. There are various daily distractions in life. You should overcome these distractions such as emails, YouTube and phone.

There will be distractions from family members, friends and associates. In spite of all kinds of distractions, you should manage quality time to reflect your thoughts and present them in the best possible way. You might have to go through disagreeable conditions in life. If you have the patience to go through the stressful things in life, high-quality writing will be produced without any issues.

There are many perks associated with writing such as the recognition, the solitude and the reading. You should find rather than make time so that quality writing comes out of you. You should not be pressurized to give up things that you enjoy just for the sake of writing as inclusion of those things will further reinforce your writing in a very efficient manner. The little time that you manage for writing can be cherished and it can be utilized in a successful to bring out the best of you.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Escorting

The Do’s and Don’ts of Escorting

The Dos and Don’t of Escorting

If you wish to enter the field of escorting then you will not be alone and the competition is rather stiff and only time would tell whether you would become a professional escort and make lots of money, working under a escort agency could be a good idea. Yet like all other professions to be successful means to understand the well established rules that you need to follow both for your safety as well for getting a circle of more generous clients. A good circle of clients would surely ensure a regular earning potential apart from the gifts that you may receive which wouldn’t by any standards mean little. There are women who have lost in the game due to sudden rude shocks while there are others who have been clever and smart enough to maneuver themselves from bad clients and entertain only decent ones.


Your personal appearance

In escorting business there is nothing as charming as being well dressed and having a shapely body with good curvatures with fresh smell emanating out of them. A lot of clients would be put off if you are not well dressed with class wears and up to date approach on facials, dress sense and good manners.

You also need to carry a baggage full of your own immediate necessity and make sure that you confide your appointment to one or two people whom you know very intimately. This would make them watch out that you are safe with your client. Also do not ask anything and everything to your client as you need to keep a balance between his needs and your own requirements.

Do not try to be cheap or you will be exploited and would be target to ruthless gimmicks. You ought to keep a firm no when you feel that things have crossed a certain limit. If you discipline yourself so that you do not allow yourself to be taken lightly then you will surely gain in popularity than the reverse.


Conduct yourself professionally

You must adopt a professional attitude and should be absolutely certain about your terms of payment and this means whether you need 50% advance or full down payment. Under no circumstances should you take the words of your client outright however charming he may be. It is no surprise that these days a lot of new comers acting as escorts get cheated.

Be bold enough to ask the names and address of your client including the land phone number before you give him an appointment. On the other hand you ought to keep your own anonymity as this is very important for in your profession you don’t want a very nosy client or one who is very possessive of you.

When you make yourself quite clear to your client then you will be treated like an equal partner and not just somebody cheap on whom it would be okay to be indifferent. If you set your standards without flinching a bit then you may gain goodwill among top clients and enable you to charge even higher fees.

Look for your safety first

You must look at your own safety first and not just jump at the slightest chance of making a quick buck. You must be aware that not all clients are good and some of the clients after offering you a little more than you have demanded may later cheat on you by asking you to entertain his friends as well. He gains anyway by dividing the money between his friends, but you stand to lose heavily. So, at the very outset you must make sure that you are going only with one man and that there are no chance of other people appearing on the scene.

If you are thinking of better options if you are not quite sure of your own safety, then you may register yourself with an authentic agency. These people would charge you a percentage of your fees as their commission, but in return you will get their protection as some agencies also employ their own henchmen in case when situation so warrants.


Learn something extra

You may improve or have an edge over other escorts by going through the various aspects of your profession. If you are tactful and have several specialties while entertaining your clients in a novel way then you may be in demand within a short time. Again, many escorts are proficient in massage techniques including body to body massage and this enable the clients to have sustained orgasm and classic climax.

If you are well experienced in massage then your rates may go up even further and you will be one of the most sought after escorts too. It is not simply sex that matters, but the brilliant conversation you have with your client, your knowledge about different subjects and places and the foreplays that really make your client go head over heels for you.

I Need Help

I Need Help

Help! I’m a starving author in need of selling her books so that my child no longer has to be raised by strangers at a daycare and so that I no longer have to work ungodly hours just to pay the rent the daycare charges for me to send him there. Help, please!

The other evening, after I got my toddler to bed, I saw an interview with a person who has almost entirely paid off her credit card debt simply by advertising on a website for people to send money to her to help her do it. I couldn’t believe it! I’ve even been working as a companion for this website: – they have been really helping me out.

Here am I, a single working mother, who has written two science fiction/fantasy novels and one action/adventure novel and I can’t even make enough money to be able to take my kid anywhere on the weekends! I can’t afford to spend any time with him, usually, because I’m working all the time at my dead-end job. I work to pay the bills and so that he can go to daycare.

What’s wrong with this picture?

A few weeks ago, I received a rejection letter in the mail for a query I had sent to a publisher in 1996! How does one break into the literary industry, without committing murder of course, if no one will actually give us newcomers a chance?

That’s why I decided to take a day off work, using my sick time, in order to create this website. I need help and I mean fast! My job is most likely going to disappear soon, being that it is in the telecom industry, and I need to generate some income by some other means quickly. I have sold everything of value I ever owned and am now at my wits’ end as to what to do next.

Hospital bills from when my son was born, car payments and daycare, along with food, rent and clothing, take more than I make each month and I have barely been able to hang on up to now.

So please, take a look at the following pages and see if there’s any way you could find it in you to place an order.

The books are perfect for anyone who feels alone in the world or who feels misunderstood and out of place. They are also packed with action and adventure, so they would be really entertaining for anyone looking for a few hours of light reading to escape a hum-drum day.

I apologize for the abject grovelling, but I need to sell these books.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to have an order from you soon! Have a great day.