Pretty much everything about my current situation was mentioned on the home page of the site. I can tell you that I am in my mid-thirties. I have a full-time job, but only just, in addition to taking care of my toddler son. That’s a very important thing to me because his security is my primary objective at all times.

I haven’t always been this responsible, which might be what has lead up to my current state of affairs. Before my son was born, I was very much a wanderer. This basically means that I seemed never able to hold down a job for very long and that I often would just pick up and move to a new town or even state when the mood struck me. That all changed when I became a mom, though.

So, now I’m all responsible. From all indications at work lately, I believe it won’t be too long before the doors of the company for which I work will close. That’s why I have become even more determined than ever to sell my novels. Each person who has read the manuscripts has urged me to publish them, even if they found things within the manuscripts that they didn’t like. So, I am taking a chance and throwing myself out there to see what will happen. I am determined, after all. Especially, after having seen that interview on the news with the shop-a-holic!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when that interview aired on the news! How could anyone who was a self-proclaimed shop-a-holic go on network television to promote a website that basically begs for money for nothing in return? It is to be used simply to pay off the cost of this person’s bad habit.

I guess I really shouldn’t be trashing on her idea, though, since I am basically asking for money, too. Although, I am offering a valid, and I feel, valuable product which I feel will be beneficial, or at least entertaining, to many people.

I love science fiction/fantasy and I really like action/adventure novels. I’ve tried not to stray too far from the norm in the books, but I just don’t like the fact that there aren’t that many strong female characters in current books of these genres. Normally, the main character, or savior, is male. Where are the heroines? Do they not exist in history? What about Joan of Arc or Wonder Woman or even Hillary Clinton? Okay, I admit, the last one there was a stretch, but let’s face it. There just aren’t that many women featured in the spot of the sci-fi/fantasy or action/adventure hero character in our present literary world. Laura Croft? Well, sure, but look at her movie. It bombed!

What the world needs is a set of female characters who are strong enough to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders while still managing to be feminine. After all, most men of today still see strong women as being either intimidating or gay. So, if a woman wears pants, she is either an intimidating man-hater who only wants to climb the corporate ladder or she is a dyke. Men think the only women who are real women are those in skirts. Why is that? It doesn’t make sense to me.

I stray, though. Back to the writing. It’s what I was born to do. I knew that when I quit college to write my first book. I knew it, even as I did my best to impress publishers with my manuscript and was repeatedly rejected. (Just a little FYI: Most big name authors were rejected close to one hundred times by publishers and agents alike before getting their big break.) I knew it when, even in the midst of said rejections, I continued to write and to create new manuscripts. The problem is that I seem to be one of only a handful of people who know how good the books are. My passion in life is writing, but I can’t afford to do it anymore without being paid for it. Hell, I can’t afford to spend any time with my son so that he knows I’m actually his mother and not just someone who gets him ready in the morning!

I just need a little help getting started. I am determined to sell these books and I am willing to sink to the lowest level by begging for people to purchase them over the internet. Thus, the creation of this website has come to pass. I don’t know anything about creating websites, so please forgive my ignorance. I am trying.

Please don’t pass me by. The life you save will be my own, along with that of my son.

I hope most of you are taking this in the right way. I mean, most of what I say at any given point in history is said rather tongue-in-cheek. (What the hell does that really mean? You should see the image that pops into my head at the mention of that phrase.)

Anyway, I thank you for your time and I hope you will continue on to the next page to find out more about my books.