My Books

I have only included the science fiction/fantasy novel bio’s below for now. I am not quite ready to place the action/adventure novel yet, which basically translates into, “I’m not yet sure of myself enough to want to place anything other than what my friends have read and approved of for publishing.”

I hope you enjoy the write-ups…

A Race Among Us – The leader of a team of photo-journalists finds himself swept away into a world of intrigue and danger when he and his companions encounter a race of alien beings, called Yelewans, hidden deep in the jungles of the Amazon. The ruler of the Yelewans, who is a fiery, blond temptress named Baya, controls the fate of her people and that of most of the humans in the world. Through narrow escapes from determined government agents worldwide and great leaps of faith in the young ones of her race, Baya struggles to find a balance between the quickly encroaching human world and her ever-strengthening Yelewan underlings. Her struggle for her people’s survival leads her to questions regarding her own past and future in this exciting first chapter in the Yelewan saga.

The Human End – The powerful Baya returns with even more action-packed thrills and feats of daring, as she focuses on finding answers to the questions plaguing her of her past. She must decide between those whom she loves and the safety and stability of the human race while still managing to evade the ever-present government agents who are led by a fierce stranger. A new threat from above intrudes on the scene, creating more danger for the struggling band of alien beings hiding within the bowels of the Amazon and Baya knows it is only a matter of time before the existence of Yelewans becomes public knowledge. To save her people, and the rest of the world, she must enlist the help of the most unlikely candidate who just might end up being a source for the answers she seeks. The drama and intrigue come to an end in this explosive final chapter of the Yelewan saga.