I Need Help

I Need Help

Help! I’m a starving author in need of selling her books so that my child no longer has to be raised by strangers at a daycare and so that I no longer have to work ungodly hours just to pay the rent the daycare charges for me to send him there. Help, please!

The other evening, after I got my toddler to bed, I saw an interview with a person who has almost entirely paid off her credit card debt simply by advertising on a website for people to send money to her to help her do it. I couldn’t believe it! I’ve even been working as a companion for this website: http://www.lincolnescorts.com/ – they have been really helping me out.

Here am I, a single working mother, who has written two science fiction/fantasy novels and one action/adventure novel and I can’t even make enough money to be able to take my kid anywhere on the weekends! I can’t afford to spend any time with him, usually, because I’m working all the time at my dead-end job. I work to pay the bills and so that he can go to daycare.

What’s wrong with this picture?

A few weeks ago, I received a rejection letter in the mail for a query I had sent to a publisher in 1996! How does one break into the literary industry, without committing murder of course, if no one will actually give us newcomers a chance?

That’s why I decided to take a day off work, using my sick time, in order to create this website. I need help and I mean fast! My job is most likely going to disappear soon, being that it is in the telecom industry, and I need to generate some income by some other means quickly. I have sold everything of value I ever owned and am now at my wits’ end as to what to do next.

Hospital bills from when my son was born, car payments and daycare, along with food, rent and clothing, take more than I make each month and I have barely been able to hang on up to now.

So please, take a look at the following pages and see if there’s any way you could find it in you to place an order.

The books are perfect for anyone who feels alone in the world or who feels misunderstood and out of place. They are also packed with action and adventure, so they would be really entertaining for anyone looking for a few hours of light reading to escape a hum-drum day.

I apologize for the abject grovelling, but I need to sell these books.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to have an order from you soon! Have a great day.